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Boob Jobs | Breast Enlargement | Compare Boob Job Prices

A Boob Job is the common name for Breast Enlargement or Breast Augmentation surgery. A Boob Job involves altering the size and shape of the breasts via the introduction of implants. Boob Job’s have been in popular existence since the 1960’s and are the UK’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure.

What are the benefits of getting a Boob Job?

Breast Enlargement surgery can give you the bust size and breast shape that you have always wanted. Choosing to have a Boob Job can give your body more attractive contours and patients have commented on non physical benefits such as improved confidence and well being.

What does the Boob Job procedure involve?

The two most common materials used in Breast implants are saline and silicon gel. Both types of Boob Job implants have certain characteristics and are available in different shapes and sizes.

The cheapest and most basic form of Boob Job implant contains saline. Saline is a material found naturally in the human body so if the implant ruptures or leaks the fluid poses minimal threat. During a Boob Job procedure with saline the fluid is typically placed inside the implant after it has been inserted in the body. The advantage of this is that the surgeon has to create a smaller incision, and therefore it leaves a smaller scar, when inserting the Boob Job implant. The downside of this Boob Job implant is that saline implants do not have as natural a feel as silicon and the implants can be prone to leaking.

Silicon gel is the other commonly used Boob Job implant. It has a superior feel to saline similar to that of a natural breast. During this Boob Job procedure the implant is pre filled with the silicon. This means that the surgeon has to create a larger incision for the Boob Job implant.

This shouldn’t put you off because surgeons can use what is referred to as a transaxillary incision which basically means that the Boob Job scar is almost impossible to see.

A Boob Job is a popular and generally safe procedure which is performed over 1.4 million times per year but choosing to have any surgery is a serious and personal decision. If you decide that this is right for you then further information on the procedure, your suitability and the possible side effects will be provided by a qualified cosmetic surgeon during the consultation stage pre surgery.

What is the Boob Jobs Cost?

Boob Job costs vary depending on the extent of surgery required, the Boob Job cosmetic surgeon and the clinic. Typically Boob Job prices are in the £3,300 to £5,000 range.

Because Compare Cosmetic Surgery UK will put you in touch with up to 4 suitable clinics you will be able to compare Boob Job options based on criteria such as clinic, surgeon, location and price.

Our comparison service helps to ensure you are making an informed decision and getting the best deal possible based on factors which are important to you.

How can I afford the Boob Job Prices?

Clinics understand the importance of providing flexible payment options to their customers. Most offer a monthly repayment plan and finance options which start at 0% APR. Loans are typically repaid over a 12 to 48 month period.

Please complete an enquiry form and you will be contacted with further details.

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